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Plastination - Anatomy - Embeddings by Dr. von Horst

Fascinating anatomical insights and beautiful plastination specimens. Get an overview of preparation techniques or check for plastination offers in the Shop...


Overview images and detail views of plastination examples.

Plastination and preparation techniques as shown in the Portfolio and the Plastination Galleries are:

Research and development by HC Biovision.

Various improvements of the conventional plastination and preparation techniques allows us to provide exclusive techniques and specimens, which you will not find anywhere else. Grinding and embedding techniques, SI plastination, modified wet specimen injection and corrosion methods, flexible casts, colour preserved anatomical preparation and other techniques developed by Dr. Christoph von Horst were published in the AHE Special Issue about Plastination.

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Life-long interest in anatomy, a more than 100 year old family tradition of processing organic materials with chemical solvents and a clear user-oriented focus is the key to the excellent worldwide reputation of HC Biovision.

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